Your Options to Source: Who CAPTARGET fits and Who it Doesn’t

Malik Hayes

We’re in the business of sourcing deals.

While there are several “pain points” between Day 1 and closing your next transaction, the elation of your latest acquisition does not erase the challenge of finding the next deal.

What if this time around …. You could do it with less pain, less waste, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in deal fees?

That’s the value proposition of CAPTARGET and our decade-plus of deal origination work for hundreds of buyers groups.If you’re a smaller group of partners, without a dedicated business development staff and endless resources, this matters most to you.

Day 1 of sourcing the next acquisition comes for every buyer.

Without the benefit of a larger team, and full bandwidth to sift through contacts and a lot of “not interested responses or poor fits, it is especially daunting.

The same goes for the many groups who are not as equipped with technology, data warehouses, and marketing acumen to generate deal flow.

Your options include:

  • Interns - Require hands-on management, high turnover, and lack of expertise.
  • Virtual assistants - Quality risks, language barriers, lack of expertise, also have high turnover.
  • Deal marketplaces - Lack of proprietary deals, low quality opportunities.  
  • “Passive” or Waiting for Referrals - Costly, lack timeliness, unpredictable. If you're rolling up a market, why be passive?
  • Brokers - Varied quality, uncertainty on exclusivity.
  • Internal Business Development - Smaller groups lack the resources, still require data, tech, additional costs.
  • Buy side firms - High costs (retainers, deal fees), potential skewed incentives.
  • “Start and Stop Method” - No consistency in sourcing opportunities, only source when you have time.

Are you at a point where you have explored all of these options above?

At CAPTARGET, we often wonder if there is a modern way to do M&A.

Our service and team allows you to take out antiquated costs. We layer in a technology stack and help you skip all of the traditional options. This allows for a commitment to a consistent deal sourcing effort for a low monthly fee.

We provide the tools, team and experience needed to supercharge your sourcing efforts for a fraction of the cost of building it yourself...and we do it all without charging any points on deals closed.

Are we a fit for you? Review our services and contact us today.

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