Closing a CAPTARGET sourced deal

Gabe Galvez

Why don’t you accept success fees?

We do not accept success fees because it creates conflicts at scale.  Consider being paid the same monthly fee by two groups one which pays a 4% finders fee and one that pays 3%. Immediately one could argue that we would give preference to the highest paying client which would make working for many firms simultaneously very challenging. Rather than worry about this conflict we just did away with it all together. Each client owns their own leads and pays nothing more than our monthly fee.

Would you consider accepting a fee from our group?

No.  As we mention above, this creates conflicts that we must avoid.  We appreciate the offer but its just not part of our business model – remember, we are not a buy side M&A firm.

How do you make money without success fees?

In one word – volume.

Do we really owe nothing when the deal closes?

That is correct.  Again, we never take any success fees or ask for any type of bonus on the back end of a transaction.  If you want to send us a bottle of wine, or a nice card we won’t argue with you but it is not required.

So, there you have it.  For a fixed low monthly fee we can supercharge your sourcing effort without asking for a long term commitment or back end compensation, it is that simple.

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