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Acquiring middle market businesses is more competitive than ever. Increases in valuations, driven by countless new entries into the space and an abundance of capital require deal makers to keep sourcing and related costs low. Our origination model eliminates high priced retainers and success fee payments all while giving you access to more deals.

Our Process

We offer a scalable, low-cost sourcing service that allows buyers of all sizes to lever the tools and strategies of industry leaders to source more middle market acquisition opportunities. Our process has been refined by working with some of the largest and most productive professional acquirers in the middle market.

You no longer have to depend on the deal flow of a single software platform, manage hundreds of broker relationships or dig through hundreds of communications just to find a lead. CAPTARGET origination can be used to source direct-to-business-owner opportunities and/or to cover the broader M&A intermediary market.

Think of CAPTARGET Origination as a supercharger to an existing origination effort or an alternative to building out an internal origination team, all without any long term commitments or success fee payments.

We Work Best With

Private Equity Firms

Corporate Buyers

Port Co’s of PE Firms

Family Offices

Independent Sponsors

Client Testimonials

Your emails work too well! I just got an LOI back, and I don’t have time for all of the meetings.

Chris Ruoff | Principal at Caprock Legacy Partners
Client Testimonials

"I am convinced that your platform works. Both opportunities that I am currently working on came via your deal sourcing."

Pinku Kurian | DLC Capital Management, LLC.
Client Testimonials

CAPTARGET's team has become an integrated part of our business model.  Their service, professionalism and timely delivery is unmatched. In over 30 years of business, we have never had a relationship that we covet more than our relationship with them.  They are a true asset to our firm!

Joseph A. Vanore | Everingham & Kerr, Inc
Client Testimonials

CAPTARGET's team delivers quality data, promptly executed. I was skeptical they could deliver on their offering.  But, they did, I’m totally impressed and I’ll be using them again, to be sure."

Brandt Brereton | Brereton, Hanley & Co., Inc.
Client Testimonials

"CAPTARGET acts as a valuable extension to our internal team, consistently delivering high quality work while allowing us to better handle peak workload periods to ensure client engagements and business development stay on track."

Teak Murphy | Capstone Headwaters
Client Testimonials

“CAPTARGET sourced targets for us in a very niche space. The team worked and communicated with us every step of the way to help us find exactly what we were looking for.”

Benjamin White | Global Healthcare Advisors
Client Testimonials

"For our type of search, we have found CAPTARGET to be the most effective resource."

Patrick Malcor | FRAMCOR
Client Testimonials

CAPTARGET's deal souring model provided a great pipeline of opportunities for us to evaluate.

Bill Boffa | Willistown Capital
Client Testimonials

CAPTARGET has been a pivotal help in our security industry acquisition strategy. Within the first few months I was having productive meetings with security company owners and management around the country.

Andrew Galante | Sunlake Capital
Client Testimonials

We partnered with CAPTARGET to increase our exposure with intermediaries & business owners. CAPTARGET helped us to focus on our day-to-day tasks without having to worry about when the next outreach was scheduled. A great team that's easy to work with.

Abdel J. Karim | Leykar Investments
Client Testimonials

We engaged and CAPTARGET delivered! Our latest acquisition sourced directly by the CAPTARGET team cost us less than 80% of our usual sourcing fees. Let’s do it again!

Chad Byers | Symmetrical Investments
Client Testimonials

CAPTARGET Origination has paid for itself many times over while enabling my team to focus on managing our portfolio and getting more deals done for less cost. Highly recommended!

Brandon Laughridge | Plus2 Capital
Client Testimonials

I know if I can get connected directly to an entrepreneur who is considering selling, my 20 years of running my own companies lets me speak their language. Captarget does a great job of initiating those conversations.

Alan Ezeir | Circle Square Capital
Client Testimonials

An attractive alternative to buy-side, success fee based sourcing. CAPTARGET saves us significant costs when acquiring a company.

Andrew Zannelli | VCC
Client Testimonials

CAPTARGET origination support helped us close a recent acquisition in the food products space. A great sourcing solution!

Josh Bammel | Kratos Capital

Recent Client Transactions

We help you Source Acquisition Opportunities with two service offerings

Intermediary Market Coverage

There are more than 8000+ middle market focused intermediaries to stay in contact with in the U.S alone - a task that is daunting for small and large deal teams alike.  We ensure you are top of mind and seeing live deals while minimizing your need to communicate, manage and qualify leads from this large active lead pool.

Starting at $1,000/month.

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Off-Market Deal Origination

Source 100% direct-to-business-owner acquisition opportunities.  Our team manages the entire process from target list development, to outreach and lead qualification without ever charging success fees.  A great sourcing solution for platform and add-on acquisitions.

Pricing starts at $2,000/month.

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How It Works

Set Up

We set up an alias email account from your company to keep the communication insulated as to not disrupt your normal workflow. We represent ourselves as an extension of your team, which maximizes response rates and protects opportunity ownership.


Each month your analyst helps source well-fitting targets based on your acquisition criteria from intermediaries and/or business owners. We are known for having the most accurate contact information in the industry, ensuring that your will reach more quality prospects more often.

Content Creation

Letting data drive our content creation process results in higher response rates. Our team develops custom messaging for each client specific to your search mandate with a focus on educating your acquisition universe on your key differentiator as a buyer.


We manage all outbound communication and follow-ups. As a one-to-one email sender we are not considered spam and generally produce higher deliverability and response rates than other service providers.

Follow up & Tracking

Your analyst monitors and improves your campaign in real time to ensure no opportunities are missed. With robust analytics and tracking capabilities, we provide visibility throughout the entire process.

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CAPTARGET Origination Pricing

We offer custom pricing to best serve you based on your need

  • • Intermediary and direct business owner sourced origination available separately or combined
  • • No finders fees of any kind
  • • Short term commitment basis

Starting at $1,000 /mo

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