Origination Onboarding

Here are your next steps to launching with CAPTARGET.

Preparing for Kick Off

Before we get started on your origination campaign, we believe it is helpful to share a few notes of guidance to ensure your company search starts quickly and smoothly. While this origination process is fully managed by our team, the initial set up and strategy development is best developed collaboratively. 

Below we have compiled a short list of action items to consider prior to commencing your search.

Getting Started

Send 1 Pager

Please send any one-pager/overview material specific to your acquisition criteria if different/more specific than that listed on your website. Keywords, SIC/NAICS codes along with geography and investment structure are highly recommended to share. 

Similar Outreach

If you have previously run outreach that performed well, or you have come across another firms’ efforts that you like, feel free to send them to your account manager.

Share Data

Share any existing data sets/prospects list you would like us to incorporate or deduplicate.

The "Perfect Target"

Provide an example (or a few examples) of your perfect target. Specificity goes a long way as we acclimate to your search.


Communication is key, as this process is iterative.  We will work with your availability but find it best to plan on speaking briefly on a call bi-weekly or monthly.  

New Email Creation

Be prepared to create a new email inbox that we will use for outreach -   first@domain.com or flast@domain.com are mostly commonly used.

Go to Market

Within 10-20 business days from execution of your agreement.

Best Practices

Here is a brief list of best practices to consider throughout your campaign.

- Response time - we need your approval before sending campaigns
- Respond to leads within 24hrs if possible - remember to follow up if you don’t hear back
- Spend time in Google Drive where your leads and analytics are housed
- Communicate with your account manager - we are here to help!
- Think about add-ons or highly targeted searches

We look forward to working with you in a successful partnership!