The 5 Most Common Questions You Want Answered about CAPTARGET Right Now (COVID-19 Update)

Alex Karlsen

Now more than ever we are being asked by the market how we can help their firm find new clients, and replace internal costs and processes.

CAPTARGET was founded during the previous recession in order to address very similar questions and needs from both buyers and M&A firms.  

To address many of your questions in one place, below are the top five most frequently asked questions we get by prospective clients looking to better understand what we do.

Is CAPTARGET a deal marketplace?


Unlike many of the deal marketplaces that currently exist online, we do not aggregate deals and share them with all of our clients. Instead, for buyers of businesses we source on a per client basis, meaning each client owns and has exclusive access to the deals we source on their behalf. 

While there are some great marketplace style options available to buyers and sellers of businesses, we find that all still are challenged by the 'two sided marketplace' issue in which the marketplace depends heavily on sell side users posting opportunities and generally participating on the platform.  

We source directly from intermediaries and sellers, with no requirement for them to use any particular system, allowing us to reach a broder, non platform specific audience. 

How do we compare to Axial?  Read more here. 

Is CAPTARGET a software platform?


But we do utilize plenty of software to do our work.  

All of our services (both on the buy side and sell-side) are analyst driven and delivered.  When working with CAPTARGET you are working with an analyst who you treat as an extension of your team.  

Each of our analysts is well equipped to support requests ranging from sell side deal prep functions (CIM development, list development etc.) to conducting long term, smart buy side sourcing campaigns. 

We don’t use the telephone, send direct mail, or travel.  Our work is 100% digital and has been for over 10 years.

As of this writing (April 2020) we are seeing a large uptick in the number of origination projects for M&A clients.  This means that sell-side groups are hiring us to “white label” our origination work in order to take advantage of buy side mandates they have from buyers.  

Here’s how you can white-label our origination service to earn buy side fees. 

Is CAPTARGET a broker or intermediary?


We do not represent any clients or companies in the marketplace as a broker, intermediary or success fee based finder.  

Our team specializes in sourcing acquisition opportunities as an extension of a buyer's team, or helping deals be prepared to go to market.  We don't have licenses or represent ourselves as advisors.   

Does CAPTARGET participate in deal fees?


We are a fee-for-service provider of deal flow, and analyst related research services. You pay us to do the work, but never pay us any part of your fees at close. 

Is CAPTARGET a buy side firm?


But we do almost everything a quality buy side firm does, without charging success or finders fees.  Our services do not require a long term contract.

This means our average client saves hundreds of thousands of dollars per transaction close by simply paying us one affordable monthly retainer while we provide support.

Each project is a collaborative process, with bi-monthly reporting.

To begin a conversation with us, go here.

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