M&A Groups: How a White-Label of our Buy Side Process Works

Alex Karlsen

As we race into the second half of 2021, have you considered expanding your fee income with buy side deals?

More and more M&A professionals are using our origination service to launch their own buy side practice.  

There's no ignoring that now is a prime time to capture more deal flow. Sellers are "hot to trot" with a slow 2020 behind them. Potential tax implications are driving more sellers to the market.

In fact, you may not know this but some of the most productive buy side firms in the U.S. white-label our origination service.

While some M&A groups have contemplated building out this as an internal mechanism, doing so “from scratch” is daunting (and costly).

Considering the hard costs of setting up:

-Staff to source data, and design and run email campaigns.

-Technology to support your messaging.

-The potentially-steep learning curve of managing both the people and the technology.

Many have started to ask us "well, can you just do this all for me?"

Yes!  M&A firms can white label our origination service for buy side purposes.

Here's how it works.

Over the last decade, we have refined the process.

When you white label our service, our team will take over all of the research and outreach to potential targets.

And when a target responds positively, you run the show from there.

Throughout your campaign, our analysts will measure your campaigns for deliverability, opens, forwards, website clicks, and responses.

With each campaign:

1. You define or create an email address for our campaign.

2. We craft emails and run message sequences to a list of targets.

3. Qualified responses, or "leads", are delivered to you for further vetting.

This is all accompanied by a dedicated analyst providing bi-weekly reporting to you.

White-labeling our origination effort means our team is working on your behalf in the marketplace.  To keep everyone aligned and to minimize any other potential issues, we provide the following assurances:

  • We never sell, we just gather information, and/or qualify targets depending on engagement scope
  • Our clients retain full approval rights of all prospect lists, email content or phone call talking points we may use
  • All email outreach is done in a ‘glass box’ so clients can see each and every communication, supported by periodic reporting

Remember, we don't advise or participate in any transaction fees.  We strictly bring the "horse to water."

The truth is we've been running this search process for the buy side firms every day for years, without ever participating in finders fees.

Are you interested in becoming one of the leading M&A firms to leverage it for you?

Contact us here.

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