The Difference Between Buy Side Firms, Data/Tools, and CAPTARGET

Alex Karlsen

A lot of PE support providers get lumped into the same category, particularly those helping source deals.

But it is important to remember that there are big differences between buy side firms, managed service providers (like us), and tooling/tech platforms.

There are technical and functional differences, but underneath them all is a singular theme, sourcing accountability.

Buy Side firms are accountable to themselves. They are responsible for matching deals they see with buyers they work for. How they do this varies, but you better believe fee structure and probability of close influence their behavior.  

Data providers enable users to power action with good intel, making the user accountable for success. Tools don’t do the work, they empower work to be done.

Managed services like CAPTARGET's provide an environment where clients have a truly aligned, accountable party looking to create value each month.


  • We don’t charge success fees. We earn our monthly retainer by providing lead flow and expertise.
  • You work with an expert. Our team is incredibly specialized and experienced bringing best practices from work with nearly 1000 firms.
  • Our impact is lasting. Not only do we generate lead flow, we help our clients build better firms by constantly testing strategies until we find what works best - leaving PE firms with a blueprint for future success.
  • We average more than 1000% ROI per client.

Ultimately, working with CAPTARGET means having a deal origination partner who is aligned with you.  

Our clients professionalize and scale their sourcing efforts, with true accountability for $2,000 per month. Learn more here.

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