Here’s How a Successful M&A Client Process Runs

Alex Karlsen

Perhaps the most under-appreciated aspect of successfully selling a business is creating the list of prospective buyers.

Buyers lists are also a significant pain point for any sell-side professional.

Take a look at most M&A data providers and you will find email accuracy rates of 40%, or worse.  The data available to you is relatively poor.

At the same time, most M&A firms do not have time to source, test or correct buyer’s list data by hand.  Finding names and emails is hard, messy, and frankly below most professional M&A folks pay grade.

You have better things to do with your time than build buyers lists.  You need a partner with experience who can handcraft a list that is accurate.

Curious how we make this process easy, and create buyers lists that our clients keep coming back for?

It all starts with our in-house, MBA level team of analysts.  Every single person on our team is onshore and experienced.  

Add in our decade of data and experience working with hundreds of clients, and you start to see where the success comes from.  

But let’s be more specific.  Here is a typical process that runs through how a M&A client interacts with our analyst team.  This high-touch approach ensures your buyers list has the right names, with accurate emails, that fit your targets for your seller.

The difference between a good buyers list and a bad buyers lists could mean creating a transaction or hearing crickets.  It really can.

First, we execute an NDA.

Then, we survey you to learn about your client and the target market on a kickoff call.  
Our MBA-level analysts focus on narrowing down the keywords that match your target market.  This is a keyword driven process.  

Once we have an understanding, a prospect list of 10-20 is developed and shared with you.
We want to make sure we’re on the right page.  You can review these initial prospects and give us the “green/yellow/red” feedback to refine our search.  

With your blessing or a needed pivot, we move forward and put in the man hours to hand-build the best prospect list using existing data and new searching and sourcing.  We love uncovering rocks and finding contact information for prospects that other sources won’t find.

And we repeat this process, as needed, until the job is done.

Remember, you (the client) own all of your data.  Period.  Any list we build is yours to keep.

Read more about our Buyer’s List services here.

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