Grata: Empower Your Deal Sourcing in a New Way

Malik Hayes

At CAPTARGET, we’ve spent well over a decade using our own unique combination of data, technology, and team to source deals for professional buyers.

For buyers, there always seems to be another new platform to consider or try. Well, we know them all and only recommend the best.

And we're excited to introduce you to an exceptional opportunity to enhance your deal sourcing capabilities. 

Meet Grata, an innovative deal sourcing platform that is poised to revolutionize the way you uncover investment and acquisition prospects. We believe this service could be a fantastic addition to your toolkit, complementing the services we offer at CAPTARGET.

Why Grata? 

Grata is not just another company database – it's a game-changer in the field of private company intelligence. In the dynamic landscape of business, keeping track of private companies' activities can be challenging. 

Grata's solution harnesses the power of machine learning and natural language processing to automatically aggregate and triangulate the most reliable insights from company websites, ensuring you stay ahead of updates.

Empower Your Deal Flow

The results speak for themselves. Grata users report remarkable gains, including sourcing 2-6 times more deals, achieving 10-20% better returns, and experiencing a 30% efficiency boost. What's more, many users are finding themselves first to the deal, gaining a significant competitive advantage. 

For instance, Andrew Hadley of Normandy sourced 15 deals for his clients within the first year of using Grata.

Unleash the Power of Grata 

Grata offers a range of features designed to empower dealmakers like you:

Boundless Search: Go beyond databases and Google. Grata's search engine scours full company websites to uncover strategic fits, revealing missed acquisition opportunities.

Streamlined Sourcing: In seconds, Grata delivers detailed and relevant company information that might otherwise take hours to gather from various sources.

Relevant Insights: Grata's targeted search separates what a company does from what it talks about, helping you cut through the noise and elevate your deal flow.

Market-Wide Visibility: Capture opportunities that go under the radar, reaching out to companies not making headlines or raising capital. Be the first to connect with CEOs.

Find Similar Companies: Automate company research to replicate your best deals by sourcing businesses that match your criteria.

Discover the capabilities that Grata offers by visiting their site here.

Experience the Difference 

With trust earned from over 500 firms and 2,000 dealmakers, Grata has become the go-to resource for market intelligence. Even the top 10 management consulting firms rely on its prowess.

Ready to transform the way you source deals? 

Contact us and we’ll make a firsthand introduction to the team at Grata.

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