The CAPTARGET Deal Origination Research Process {Updated}

Alex Karlsen

When we talk origination with buyers a common ask is understanding our research process.  

How does CAPTARGET identify potential acquisition targets?

Where does our data come from?

This is a common "ask" amongst our clients, from private equity shops to independent sponsors.

And, we get it. The output is only as strong as the input. Meaning, if we're going to work together to generate potential acquisition targets that meet your specific criteria, our success depends a lot on "who" we reach out to.

With nearly a decade under our belt, our database and technology can thankfully rely on all the diligent work we've done for clients over the years.

But our data and research methods are not rocket science.

Once a potential target has been identified, often time the real-time spend/trap begins.  

  1. Who is the best decision maker (CEO, CFO, owner)?  
  2. Is their email public?
  3. Is the email still accurate?  

Do you have the tools and time to hand test each individual email contact against a domain? (Just because you have a found an interesting target, approaching them via a general listed could be cold.)  

For years, our team has researched private company information, and scrubbed trade organization rosters and trade show attendee lists. We’ve put in the “screen time” to work through the roadblocks of poor and incomplete data sources in the industry. We have combined these efforts with a number of major data products to comprehensively fill many of the data gaps that exist in the middle market.  

Today, our database is diverse, accurate, and our leading differentiator.

Simply put, we do the grunt work to track down legitimate, current contact information for private companies that others simply won't (or can't) do. Add in the fact that we've been doing this for nearly a decade, and you see why CAPTARGET deal origination is a leading service in the private equity community in 2021.

Successful origination campaigns also depend a lot on messaging and consistency.

Your potential targets may never see the outreach.  It requires batching out your outreach, and sending curated emails one at a time with consistency. We've figured this out, and make it a "hands off" process for all of our clients.

Deal origination is often very much a numbers game. Most buyers are going to need to see hundreds/thousands of deals to find one that fits their structure at that time.

Are you willing to do this a few thousand times a year to generate meaningful conversations that germinate? It's unlikely such a process is worth your time.

We like to admit that our service is not "rocket science" but it takes real time, real thought & real consistency. That's why we're in business.

For more, visit our Deal Origination page or contact us for a conversation today.

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