Our 3 Step Process to Creating CIMs for Clients

Alex Karlsen

A core service we provide for M&A clients is writing confidential information memorandums or CIMs.

The deal process often begins with the creation of a CIM. Nearly all M&A professionals are tasked with producing them to help take deals to market.

It’s a pain point for many, because deal professionals can often spend their time in on something more productive than building a CIM.

So how does it all work if you engage CAPTARGET to produce your CIM?

Here’s a look a our step-by-step process, deliverables and deadlines.

Step 1. Execution of mutual nondisclosure

Most of our M&A clients like to execute a NDA with us upon signing the contract for services. This is industry standard.  

Step 2. Access to a data room

Our CIM projects guarantee a 15 business day turnaround for clients. To ensure we can produce a CIM in a timely fashion, its imperative for our team to gain access to all the necessary data from the M&A professional. This typically is solved by allowing our analysts to access a deal room.

Step 3. We get to work

With access to the necessary data, our team gets to work to create a CIM which includes all of the following:

-Business overview

-Strategic considerations specific to the technology, company position etc.

-Transactional overview

-Company history

-Core competencies

-Expansion and growth opportunities include market analysis

-Sales and customer information

-Products and/or services overview

-Ownership details, cap table details

-Management and employees

-Financial information summary



-Industry overview


-Trade associations

-Financial statements/Light modeling

**These components or “chapters” represent a standard CIM scope from our team. Typical pitch decks range in length due to the nature of the client company and information available, but are limited to 40 pages in length.

All of our research is based on criteria set by the client. The final CIM is delivered in Word format or PPT format unless otherwise instructed by the client.

Recently, we discussed our flexibility on pricing CIM projects here.  

For more information on engaging our team, visit our Research services page or contact us today.

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