CIM Flexibility

Gabe Galvez

Flexible scope:

Each M&A firm we work with has a slightly different take on the scope of their standard CIM.  Some prefer longer very formal presentations while others prefer shorter, more sales focused presentation documents.  While our standard CIM scope covers most client needs, we invite clients to expand or reduce scope as they see fit.  There is no one size fits all CIM, so please note that you can modify our scope to fit your specific needs.

Format variations:

Similarly, the format of CIMs is evolving.  While alternate formats like PowerPoint presentations were fairly uncommon until recent years we now find that these and other alternative formats are more common place.  Know that we can build your next CIM to whatever format specifications you desire.

Pricing impact:

Our retail CIM pricing is based on our standard CIM scope.  This scope includes the following:

-Business overview

-Strategic considerations specific to the technology, company position etc.

-Transactional overview

-Company history

-Core competencies

-Expansion and growth opportunities include market analysis

-Sales and customer information

-Products and/or services overview

-Ownership details, cap table details

-Management and employees

-Financial information summary



-Industry overview


-Trade associations

-Financial statements/Light modeling

Since our pricing is based on a labor estimation, as you modify scope, pricing will change commensurate to the labor impact.  That said, if you want us to scale the CIM up, and create a longer form technical document you would see pricing increase.  

Conversely, if you need a shorter form CIM or your coverage basis is more truncated, you would see pricing go down. That said, with some concessions to scope we can create your next CIM at nearly any price point big or small.  

For sample CIM’s or to discuss pricing of your next CIM project please feel free to contact us today.

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