CAPTARGET-sourced Acquisition
for a Private Equity Client

Here's how we helped a PE client close a deal with 80% cost savings on traditional buy side fees.

We sourced the deal and our client couldn't be happier.

Our partners HD Ventures and Symmetrical Investments closed on their most recent deal in under 6 months.

HD Ventures is a San Diego-based alternative investment firm focused on partnering with privately-held companies with highly-capable management teams and growth prospects. They seek to build long-term, sustainable value, which is why HD looks to partner with owners and managers that prefer to remain in place through the life of the investment.

Symmetrical Investments invests in change of ownership and growth equity transactions. It’s goal is to partner with owners and senior management of established and profitable companies in the lower middle market with an opportunistic philosophy. Since the firm’s primary objective for any investment is to grow the underlying company, the cornerstone of Symmetrical’s investment thesis is focused on Management Buyouts, Majority Recapitalizations and Growth Equity Investments.

Project Overview

Find the next portfolio acquisition for our client, who is aggressive in the market.

The client engaged CAPTARGET on a 6-month commitment basis to source acquisition opportunities directly from sellers.

When the clients retained our team, they made one thing clear, they wanted to move quickly and be sensitive of cost.  

In under 6 months we sourced and vetted the opportunity and they closed – saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in transaction fees that would have been paid under a conventional success fee arrangement.

Our Results

Qualified Targets
Company Acquired
Total Cost of Sourcing Deal

Net Impact / Results After Less than 6 Months

A successful acquisition was completed as the group collectively acquired Wrangle LLC, a premier ERISA 5500 reporting and disclosure company. The company eliminates the burden of managing the Health and Welfare Form 5500 process through a number of outsourced services available to insurance industry participants.

The total cost of sourcing the transaction was less than $12k, with no other success fee or variable pay implication.  

“We engaged and you delivered. Our latest acquisition, sourced direct by your team, cost us less than 80% of our usual sourcing fees. Let’s do it again!”

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