What is a “JAMBOG”?

Alex Karlsen

Have you heard this term used by people in our industry? What does JAMBOG mean? 

Well, “JAMBOG” is an unofficial term that stands for ‘just another mid-market buyout group’.

While people using the term JAMBOG are potentially using it in a derogatory sense, it’s also a bit of tongue-in-cheek reference. 

As markets rise and fall, and time passes, it seems like any corner of the broader private equity and buyouts market could stand up and decry that things are overheated. 
“There are too many buyers!” “Multiples are out of control” 

Or perhaps most appropriately, “How am I supposed to keep up with all these different groups and find deals?”

What Every Buyer Cares About

No matter how you feel about the market right now, if you’re a buyer, you need to find the next deal. 

We’ve been helping professional groups source deals for over a decade. I’ve heard the term “JAMBOG” used at conferences and in calls with clients and potential clients. 

It’s always interesting to hear who says it, and the context it comes in. But, it’s usually an aside to the more important conversation of how to source deals, how to compete against other buyers, and how to allocate capital.

Now, I don’t know any buyer that wants to be labeled as a JAMBOG themselves. Differentiating your firm and source of capital and all that you will bring to the table after purchasing your target is key. Buyers differentiate in their approach, appearance, industry focus and even deal structure….all elements that matter to sellers in a competitive market. 

Take Away

Don’t be a JAMBOG :) After working with more than 1000 clients the data supports the claim - to see more opportunities and high close rates, the seller market needs to know you are different.  

If your firm is already well differentiated, we want to help you originate your next deal without any success fees/finder’s fees. Learn more about us here.

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