Tools to improve the M&A ‘to market’ process

Gabe Galvez

Shameless plug – it is our job to improve your research and to market process. Because of this we wanted to share some insight on other tools being used to do just that.

E-blasting is becoming increasingly popular in M&A. The most critical component of an email campaign is not the design capabilities or even the cost, its the analytics. Because of this we recommend that our M&A clients look in to using MailChimp. Here is what a successful to market email campaign should look like when using an analytic focused service like MailChimp.

After you send the initial email blast to your prospect list (that CapTarget should have built for you!) you can immediately target your follow up efforts to only recipients who have proven via open rates to be a warm lead. We love MailChimp because we can see who opened what email, when and how many times. For example, by accessing this information we can only call leads who have opened the email more than 3 times. Rather than asking if there is interest in learning more, you can make a data driven statement like “I have seen you have opened our email a number of times, I wanted to call you to answer your questions.”.

M&A shops that use a process similar to this one simply close more deals and waste less time doing it. If you are considering ways to improve your process beyond outsourcing your research, we highly recommend you start there. Depending on a firm’s deal volume they can access great email marketing tools with good analytics platforms for under $50 per month.

We know that smaller M&A shops do not have the time or money to waste on big M&A tools or strategies that do not work – if we are describing your firm you should consider modifying your to market process to include a tool like this.

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