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Gabe Galvez

Because of our backgrounds in M&A and PE we prioritize Strategy over Design. This means that we start Web Development projects with a “Thesis” that drives the entire build.

Here’s the question your Thesis must answer: “What is your end goal?”

There is no correct answer to this question because every firm is different, but here are some examples to get the ball rolling:

Thesis: “We want to be viewed as experts in the XYZ Industry.”

Strategy: Publish monthly XYZ industry reports and direct market to business owners in XYZ industry.

Thesis: “We want to convert users to scheduled meetings.”

Strategy: “Call to Actions” (CTA) on every page of your site with a strong differentiator and direct marketing plan.

Thesis: “We want to be dominant in the XYZ Region.”

Strategy: Publish monthly XYZ regional reports and direct market to business owners in XYZ region.

Thesis: “We want to be modern and have a place to list our Tombstones.”

Strategy: Build your website on a reliable and user friendly Content Management Software (CMS).

This is just a snippet of the Strategies we’ve implemented because every firm is different and has a unique message. We believe that whatever your message is, it needs to be clear on your Website and in your Marketing Strategy.

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