Left Field M&A Project Updates

Gabe Galvez

Outbound marketing

While we are not a marketing firm, some functions of marketing in M&A are better driven by analysts than marketers.

We have helped a number of M&A firms gain top of mind exposure in their home markets by building prospect lists, writing quality email copy and executing outbound campaigns. This allows our clients to know that each week, marketing is covered, with new prospects being added and existing prospects being followed up on with minimal work required by the M&A firm.

Buy-side search support

While most of our buy-side work is provided directly to PE firms and other buyers, a number of prominent buy-side firms use our analysts on a white labeled basis to run a significant portion of their buy-side efforts. We identify the prospects, email, call, vet and report to our clients who run the show post qualification stage. We never take any success fees and allow most small M&A firms to significantly scale the buy-side portion of their business.

Pitch for capital raise

Recently, a middle market PE fund approached our team to develop pitch documents to support their next fund raise. While similar in price to a standard CIM, the scope was much different. Our team helped craft the story, capture historical data and model future success on a project basis. This allowed the PE client to meet the deadlines to get to market while keeping costs low.

Data management

A fundless sponsor with a time sensitive need contacted us to help meet the document requirements of the bank underwriting for a large portion of the deal. The sponsor had provided a high-level financial overview of proforma performance but the lender needed more detail. Our team created a detailed, monthly proforma incorporating all functional assumptions to meet the bank’s needs with minimum additional work required by the sponsor whose focus remained on diligence.

While these are just a few examples of how our team is repurposed outside of our standard menu, our capabilities reach even further. If you need help with any left field project, big or small please feel free to reach out.

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