How to generate leads from your M&A or Private Equity firm website

Gabe Galvez

These deal makers would first meet clients in person or via phone conversations. Eventually, potential clients would visit their website to reaffirm the information presented in the meeting. Because of this, many deal makers thought their websites were less important since they were not front-facing, lead generation tools. The common justification for this was simple – most deal makers thought they were qualified and experienced enough to convert the prospect without much support from peripheral materials. Data now suggests otherwise.?A recent poll of CAPTARGET clients suggests that more than 50% of new inbound leads were generated directly online prior to any direct contact with a deal maker. This means that now more than ever, websites need to be viewed not only as a validation tool but also as a lead generation tool. If the deal maker never has an opportunity to curate his or her brand in person, they must build websites that function beyond the role of a business card.

?There are a few similarities we see in high conversion M&A and Private Equity websites. Some of these are:?

• Contemporary design in a user friendly format – if the site looks bad, you look bad.?

• Clear calls to action (CTA’s) – if a potential client is visiting you online, do not waste the opportunity to capture the visit as a lead. ?

• Marketing content (rather than simple information) – give visitors a compelling reason to use your firm over the competition. Don’t just tell them What, tell When, Why, and How too.

If your website only functions as a digital business card on the internet, or if you feel your site is not up to par with the competition, you should consider a redesign. Good websites get higher conversions, and conversions are the first step to success fees.  

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