Core Management Partners are Finding New Deals with CAPTARGET

Gabe Galvez

With over 20 years of experience, Core Management Partners (CMP) makes control/majority stake investments to partner alongside existing management to drive growth. CMP’s unique combination of capital and operating expertise has resulted in several success stories for companies that range from SaaS to tech-enabled business services.

With offices in Colorado, CMP continues to seek 2 to 3 investments per year, with investment criteria targeting minimum revenues of $10-15 million and EBITDA north of $3 million.

Core Management Partners has chosen to work with CAPTARGET to enhance their deal origination.

“Our focus on finding investment opportunities with companies with $10-15 million in recurring revenue and $3.0 million of EBITDA requires us to have a widespread deal origination effort. It’s hard to scale that internally and still do it well. That’s why we’ve partnered with CAPTARGET. Their expertise and technical ability to tee up conversations for us is the easiest way I’ve seen to scale our outreach yet. Our deal pipeline is growing because of it,” commented Paul Friedla, Managing Partner for CMP.

Our efforts in partnership with CMP include initiating direct conversations for their team with new, unique investment opportunities that are sourced directly.

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