Circle Square Capital Partners with Captarget for Deal Origination

Gabe Galvez

Circle Square joins an ever-growing roster of private equity firms both large and small that are choosing to use Captarget for cost-effective, no frills deal origination.

When asked about why Circle Square chose Captarget, Alan Ezeir, principal at Circle Square, cited the challenges of sourcing new deals in the lower middle market in 2018.

“Originating deals in the $1-5M EBITDA range requires a direct outreach approach, in my opinion. The universe of potential acquisitions is too vast and often lacking in professional representation,” said Ezeir.

Our direct outreach to business owners on Circle Square’s behalf is already starting to show dividends for Ezeir.  “I know if I can get connected directly to an entrepreneur who is considering selling, my 20 years of running my own companies lets me speak their language.  Captarget does a great job of initiating those conversations.”

To learn more about Captarget’s revamped deal origination service and review pricing, visit our Deal Origination page.

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