Boutique M&A firm – case study update

Gabe Galvez

The catalyst:

6 months prior the firm adopted CAPTARGET in place of renewing a significant research tool.  The CAPTARGET analyst working with the firm supported 3 more senior analysts with day to day research requests.  One of the M&A firm’s senior analyst decided to give notice and move to another firm.  This change left the M&A firm 1 senior analyst short while in the middle of managing 6 live sell side engagements. While the firm intends to hire another analyst, finding key talent takes time and hiring wrong can be a costly mistake.  In short, they needed to feel confident that the immidiate analyst workload was handled without disrupting the rest of the analyst team or incurring significant costs to simply buy time.

Considered Solutions:

  • Do nothing and have existing analyst team absorb the work – at the cost of timeliness etc.
  • Rush to hire, with a focus on the short term issue at hand.
  • Increase CAPTARGET analyst coverage, converting a $1500 per month engagement to a $2500 engagement for the interim to ensure that the firm has access to additional needed capacity while only incrementally increasing cost.

Adopted Solution:

The firm chose to increase usage of CAPTARGET’s analyst team, adding increased capacity and coverage for $1000 per month.  While this was initial viewed as a short term solution the firm quickly realized that with a few slight changes to their internal processes they were able to function without ever hiring another internal analyst.

For the additional monthly cost the M&A firm now has access to financial modeling services and the support to manage the same if not more transactions. While the firm’s need our now met they did not have to commit to any long term engagements and still work within a 30 day commitment model allowing them maximum flexibility.  Should a well fitting internal analyst candidate be identified, the firm can easily downgrade CAPTARGET’s analyst coverage to its origional state.

Net Impact:

  • $60k savings in year 1 of increased usage
  • Long term commitments associated with internal hire has been eliminated
  • Significant increase in availible support service and capacity with addition of new subscription

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