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Gabe Galvez

Because of this we are adopting a software style model where clients will be able to choose from 1 off projects (as was the case in the past) or choose from 1 or 3 service tiers with clearly defined deliverables. Now, rather than starting at our higher retail price point and occasionally offering discounts we will be offering all clients a starting price point of $500 per month for a basic analyst service and will offer pricing up to $2500 for our full suite of research service offerings. Our entire research and business development staff will remain based out of offices in Southern California as we continue to strive to offer affordable, flexible solution fulfilled by quality domestic analysts.

CAPTARGET was founded to help ease the pain M&A firms felt when committing to long term fixed costs needed to run their businesses. By lowering our prices and shortening our commitment periods we hope to help more firms more often.

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