Big Changes In The Works

Gabe Galvez

  • New website – The site now has more information in an easier to use format. Additionally we are now service the management consulting and corp dev markets, alone with our core M&A and private equity user base.
  • Updated Pratt’s Stats tooling – We now have access to an updated version of Pratt’s Stats!
  • Pitchbooks are back – We welcome a new pitchbook writing team.  we have reengineered how our pitchbook fulfillment process works and have brought on an experienced team of technical research writers from a well known research house to head this initiative.
  • CapIQ research – We have been asked to participate in Capital IQ’s research content creation.  This means that CapIQ users will be able to buy original CapTarget research from with in the CapIQ web interface.
  • Outbound call support – We want to help with all aspects of the process! We are in the process of designing a full outbound calling suppor service. Our hope is that users can leverage this service to generate client leads and to support projects being taken to market.  Look for a service launch in Q3/4 of this year!

Additionally, we have started providing research support services for management consultants and corporate development officers who require a research analyst’s support for a variety of deal types and needs.  

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