5 Common Mistakes In M&A and PE Marketing Campaigns

Gabe Galvez

  1. 1. Inconsistency kills. Without a consistent and deliberate marketing effort, a marketing strategy is ineffective regardless of its content or quality.

  • 2. Bottom-less strategies are as bad as nonexistent strategies. Firms who do have a marketing strategy in place often forget to adopt simple processes like automated follow ups, 1 page overviews, or CTA’s.

  • 3. Strictly sticking to one form of marketing (physical mailings, cold calling, etc…) will yield slower results. Un-diversified marketing will always lose against a multi-pronged strategy.

  • 4. Business owners who are considering an exit will always be solicited by many firms. What makes your firm different? The firm with a strong differentiator will always win the business.

  • 5. Effective marketing is a full-scale commitment, not a one-off project. Focus on the long term strategy and you will find that quality marketing builds upon itself.

Avoiding these mistakes will increase your chances of finding qualified targets. If you would like to discuss your firms marketing strategy in either the present or future, please contact us today.

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