A Portfolio Acquisition for our Client with No "Finder Fees" 

See how we helped a non-professional buyer issue 3 LOI's in a few short months.

We stepped in to be the deal sourcing team.

CAPTARGET recently helped a private equity backed manufacturer of LED lighting components find new acquisitions targets. The firm was growing fast from internal efforts, but now looked to grow via acquisition.

The client was not a professional buyer (like a private equity fund), and they were hesitant to pay bankers, or sign any success fee-based “finder” firms. They viewed the cost as simply too high.  

Additionally, they had a fairly small management team and no dedicated internal corp dev executive. Each key executive wore many hats, leaving the acquisition search sporadic.

Project Overview

Find the next portfolio acquisition for our client.

The client engaged CAPTARGET on a 6-month commitment basis to source acquisition opportunities directly from sellers. This allowed the client to avoid costly auction processes, eliminated the requirement to pay success or finders fees, and ensured an expert party was accountable for their success.

Due to the niche focus of the company’s operations, anything less than a very thoughtful, diligent approach to sourcing acquisition targets simply did not create results. Deals presented by bankers commanded high price premiums are were often part of competitive, highly visible auction processes which the client preferred to not participate in.

Generate conversations with potential acquisition targets consistently, beginning within a few weeks.

The Results

Qualified Targets
LOI's Issued

Our Results Over 4 Months

By month 4 the company:
  • Issued 3 LOIs
  • Conversations with more than 30 qualified targets
  • No "success fees" owed
  • Portfolio growing via acquisition

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