M&A Research Tools

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M&A Research Tools

Because the needs of M&A and Private Equity professionals are diverse we must reflect the same diversity in our tool selection. We must also accept the fact that there is no perfect M&A research tool. Because of this, we have access to many of the industry’s leading data tools and databases, to leverage the best attributes from each service to produce more comprehensive research deliverables.

We have purchased or have access to many data tools covering the following:

Traditional lenders
Alternative lenders
Hedge funds
Private equity groups
Public strategic buyers/investors
Private strategic buyers/investors
Venture capital funds
Mezzanine funds
Trading and transactional comparable data
Industry reporting
Operational and performance data
Financial modeling tools
Valuation multiple data
And much more

All the tools that we use cover the middle market and above. This large-scale purchasing of tools allows us to have more reach than most stand-alone firms where purchasing access and information would just not make economic sense.